Saturday, November 7, 2015

Culturally Corrupt

In a recent official forum post CCP announced that CSM X top vote getter, Manfred Sidious, has been removed from the CSM. No reasons given, rather simply stating, that the reason(s) are confidential.

Gingers can be mean

If you read various sources you'll see mentioned reportings of an unnamed drunk dev spewing leaked information at the player meet and greet, Evesterdam, regarding upcoming capital changes. As mentioned in the linked article speculation turned to Manny. Manny's response on the official Eve forum post. 

I assume, I know, ass-u-me, that CCP did an investigation of some sort. Perhaps it is ongoing. Perhaps it is all speculation.? Perhaps this is what a scapegoat looks like. Grab your favorite bag of popcorn and pull up a seat to watch what happens. 

This leads me to the title of this post. Have we humans become culturally corrupt? I mean, sure, in-game you can be anything and anyone. Within Eve-online you can do just about anything and be within the bounds and rules of the game. And as we all know there are people behind the in-game characters. Has society become more corrupt than honest? 

Eve is a fabulous game. Hell, it's a world all its own. There are player gatherings, some large enough that Eve devs attend, such as Evesterdam, Eve Nottingham, Eve Vegas, etc... Are there not some people who try and take advantage of upcoming future changes by getting or hoping devs get drunk and spew information? Could these loose lipped actions by one unnamed dev at Evesterdam, if true, cause CCP to pull back the reigns of player/dev interactions in public? After all, these gatherings are part of what makes Eve great. Could the actions of a careless few destroy a really unique thing that we all have access to should we decide to attend? 

I'd like to think that any attempt at information pumping a dev at any player gathering is done all in good nature. I'm sure it happens. It's only natural to want an early bird insight to more goodness to come. Competitive advantage is strong in humans. On the flip side I am sure no information milking of the tit is needed either. Alcohol can work wonders on loosening up the lips. Combining the sharing of "secretive" information with player representatives along with dev/player gatherings and large amounts of alcohol information is going to leak from time to time. How corrupt are the thoughts of some when attending these meets? Do some set out to feed devs alcohol then corner them to try to get them to talk? 

I believe the internet has allowed for a cultural corruption that we've not ever seen in the world before. The anonymity ability is huge. It allows people to say and do things that they may otherwise not say or do because of the lack of consequences. When you are easily punched in the face for being a dip-wad you aren't so mouthy, are you? I do believe that some run for the CSM to get access to information to secretly share with their alliance to have that advantage I talked about earlier. And yes, people can keep their mouths shut. I don't believe for one minute that NDA information isn't openly shared among the top secret levels of alliances. It's a giant brotherhood of gamers gone wild for the sake of shitting on others better than and first above all others.

I personally agree in removing the CSM altogether. Get rid of it. It's more drama than it is worth. Devs now post change threads on Reddit, which should burn in a fire btw, asking for feedback. There are official forum posts, etc... Simply change the format of information sharing/gathering. Drop the CSM like a bad habit and create a different avenue of discussion and player feedback.


I recommend keeping/making it so that the official information sharing avenue is for current players only. Outlets such as Reddit allow self admitted former players to post. Hell, some are proud of the fact that they no longer play Eve anymore. Why should they have a voice? They shouldn't. Reddit is a bad shit stain on an otherwise filthy shitted up sheet known as the internet. Get sub'ed, get connected, get real. Get gone CSM and go wide open with the official player-base in its entirety. The CSM is a drama bomb that isn't taken very seriously unless there's a mass revolt, in my opinion. 

While my own CEO is currently campaigning for CSM XI - and while I support him because he's awesome-sauce - I also support the closing of the CSM for good. At least temporarily to see how things shake out using a different approach. Talk about a catch 22... 

It could get interesting. It could just go silent again. Time will tell. 


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Earn Your Stripes

Team Size Matters took their handle seriously and made a sizeable community flare of things with this Dev blog written with CCP Rise at the helm.
You earn your stripes around here, NOOB!

I don't like sugar coated things. It's a mask for the underlying at the base. Whisk(e)y is for drinking. Flavor added is for girls.

I don't agree with bending the playing field to make things easier or placating younger folks. I do agree in getting rid of redundant, idiotic things like clone upgrade costs, etc... however. You have to earn your stripes around here, NOOB!

That should be the call. It used to be the call. It was the mantra that set Eve-online apart. But not anymore.

I'm not going to argue how the proposed skill point change does or doesn't replace this or that. That's more for the social media forum warrior who-ores to decide. And don't bother throwing that little "you're one of those people who wants it to be hard for everyone because it was hard for you" darts at me. Actually, hold that thought.

Fuck yeah I do. Who else is going to admit to that? And what's wrong with that? I stated above and will clarify it - Hard because of stupid, mundane mechanics is good riddance as far as I'm concerned. Easy for the sake of getting new(er) players up and running in fleets without making those skill choice mistakes, or changing their minds mid specialization or career are all part of this game. It shouldn't be as easy as simply wiping the game board clear with your hand, reshuffling the cards, and starting over. You chose, you chose wrong, you lose. It's been ten years people. TEN years! The information is out there. If someone can't be bothered to research a little, itty bitty titty amount knowing full well what Eve is about and how harsh it is, then f u c k them. Most gamer geeks have at least heard of Eve. And if not, look it up dummy. You young uns these days. You know the full on detatils of the latest, greatest iPhone and when it's being released. You sleep in line to be among the first to get one. Google Eve on it FFS.

To tie things to real life for a minute - We're becoming a nation of wimps in these Unites States of America. Easy mode is being applied everywhere. Earning what you want and having to pay the price for your wrong/poor choices are all part of growing up. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect. The trick is to learn from them. I have news for you pal and pal-ettes - there is no magic Easy button. Far too often kids are being sheltered from the consequences of their actions or inactions and growing up to be worthless, tear-shedding, diaper wearing pant-shitters.

Some argue that a new player can buy a character from the Character Bazarre and begin playing with 10, 20, 50 million skill points. That's true indeed. But they have to make a real life expenditure to create an account, pay for said account in some way, and buy the Plex/Isk. How many new players will do that for a game they aren't sure they will like and stick around for?

We don't know all the ins and outs yet of this new proposed idea. Who will it benefit the most? How? Where? I want to read more about it and see where it ultimately leads. But I see more easy mode for "new" players creeping in and I don't like it. Not one bit.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd rant a bit. Thanks for stopping by.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Halls of Tradition

Walking the corridor of draped banners donned with glittering gold accents accentuated with a deep, musky scent of death forever stained into the rich, deep history of tradition around these parts was more welcoming for me than anything I've experienced in quite some time. The place was steeped in tradition and danger. For there was no other entity with more mystique to me than the one in which I found myself. Finally!

As a new pilot your eyes are wide open. The universe is wild; massive. There seems to be no end. What's out there? Everything and anything, kid.

Once I started to grasp what the universe offered, out there in its infinite waywardness, I realized -

I realized what I wanted to become, eventually. 

I was nowhere near the stage in experience and skill points to even begin to think of entering the halls of tradition that I had my eye set on. Those halls beckoned anyhow. I knew that one day, one day, I too will become one of them. The unknown. The unannounced. The mystique. The darkness. Oh how it glinted with enticement on my senses. One day, I too...

Paths are beaten down already traveled bridgeways to the known. Someone, anyone, most everyone has already been there. You're seeing what everyone else has seen. And while that can be captivating, it is redundant. Why not seek the path of the least traveled? Where the path is not beaten. Nein. It is difficult to see its footprint, if at all. That is my desire. For I have followed many-a-path. They all lead to the same, stale, stank-ass bending of the knee. It may not be to whom you think it may be to. However, it will be the bend of your knee nonetheless. 

I don't take kindly to bending the knee. There is always shitlordishness in those situations. And when the powers to be won't listen to the advice given ye, my job after all, well, that's on you. I'm a free spirit. I am your Huckleberry. When you let the berry rot; welp- that shit's on you. 

Today I announce the one and only desire and aspiration that I have only really ever had in this wonderful universe. Today I am a Bastard [BSTRD] A true pirate. A man of my word as well as of the sword. My sword. Not bound to the hand that wears the crown

For nearly seven years I have carried the goal of joining The Bastards. I felt them always out of my league. And as fate would have it the paths I chose took me afar. But that desire, that pulling of the feelers never left me. Never. I've always held out hope that one day I too would be a Bastard. It is with great pride, the dignity of tradition, and humility that I don the skulls with wings patch. May ye filthy bones rest peacefully in space. 


Monday, February 9, 2015

Internally Conflicted: A Self-made Disease and Eve Media

I usually have an internal fight with myself about posting here. It is a blog after all. I have something to say now.

In game Podside channel:
[21:16:32] Harrigan VonStudly > I'm going to have a drink to celebrate the twats that are worse than me. Because I thought I was bad. I got nothing.

Not two hours later in a tweet I became aware of a blog post on the famous Rixx Javix's blog, Evoganda. Go ahead, give it a read then come back. I'll wait. 

As I mentioned above I regularly conflict with myself internally. Those who know me know I am brash. I tell it like it is and pull no punches. I do not care, yet at the same time, depending on the person/situation, can care if I offend. I believe in truth without sugar-coating things. But I do look inward and wonder if I'm over-the-top at times. I can answer that as a yes. Sometimes I get too carried away. And it makes me feel bad. Just listen to Podside. Heaven knows I've had my share of run-ins, comments, and rants. Also, Twitter has seen nothing less than some crap I've spewed as well. With the post on Rixx's blog, the thoughts I've been having lately, my post in the in-game channel, it all culminates to giving in to write this. 

[21:17:29] Gill Reymerus > Harrigan VonStudly I would like to think you won't drink that much, Because there are SOOOOO many worse than you.

I can openly admit that I can get a little overboard-ish at times. To the point that there are people who used to talk to me regularly in various social media platforms that no longer partake. It's not my place. It is their right. Recent events have made me realize that I am not as bad as I sometimes think I can be. Some people are overly sensitive to the politically correctness that diseases the world today. I am not that. 

But I have never stooped to a level that I awoke to Tuesday morning in my @mentions column from Twitter. Unfortunately the author deleted his tweet later that day and I've no record of it. I did retweet it though. 

"no wonder your brother killed himself with a douche bag brother like you" - Tyrant Scorn Host/co-host of Legacy of a Capsuleer Podcast.

To my point. Seeing the likes of this stuff  has made me realize something. You can be an absolute ridiculous tool, the likes that haven't been seen in awhile. And STILL garner favorship with CCP Devs and , dare I say, colleagues. The trick is to never take ownership of your actions and keep the blame going. I've owned my mistakes. I publically apologized on Podside. Even to Red/Tyrant. The game has gotten too serious for many. The out-of-game meta/media has gotten even more serious. It's with these slaps in the face that has me bowing out. Maybe not for good. But not nearly as regular. I'm sure many are happy about that.

I used to fly spaceships and have fun. I used to take enjoyment in face melting people in game as well as having my face melted off in return. "The rest is just noise" - to quote my wife. I made a transition to more of the meta part of the game and not playing the game as it is. I found it more fun to talk about the game than play it. In light of the recent bullshit I am reversing this for myself.

I am returning to face melting LAZORS in 'da face and fuck all this media horseshit that is obviously so serious it may be more serious than the game. And that's a fucking shame. Eve has lost two capsuleers this week IRL to their unfortunate deaths. Life is too short for this shit. It's time to get back to being a spaceship captain.

To Eve! Man all battle stations!


Sunday, November 9, 2014

What's a Fella To Do?

I'm not going to lie. I'm bored as fuck in Eve.

Until recently I've not had any time to really play Eve. Basically from April until last month is the time frame.

 In September of this year I joined back up with my former CEO and long time pal kaspa101 to take over managing a corp., Osmosis, a corp. in The Bastion alliance.  Things are going fairly well. We've recruited back several former SHUN. members that were with us when we ran Shun. corporation. a member in the Li3 Federation alliance. And while corp income is pretty much limited to the tax rate, 10%, the guys seem to be having fun. Just as well it's rather fun seeing some of the old crew back together.

I lost my zeal for flying along the way and developed a dislike for sov null during our former corps., SHUN. stay in the Li3 Fed alliance. Eve's shit-baggery null politics and the alliance push for CFC required PAP links, give everything of yourself to the alliance for the good  of the CFC, all the while being reminded by those whom we're supposedly "allied" with that we're all pubbie shitbags. That crap wasn't from the leadership of the CFC. It was mostly the general line members in GSF and other CFC alliances. However, it wasn't squashed either.

 I left SHUN. before the corp. left the Li3 alliance eventually closing up shop. I headed to Stay Frosty headed up by Rixx Javix. Great bunch over there. But I'm not much of a solo kind of guy. Admittedly, while they do some small gang stuff, they're mostly solo pilots. Sometimes when forming gangs not all of the fleet members are on comms. There are no strict requirements for such a thing. Nor are there any recruiting requirements. It makes for a really great give-no-fucks atmosphere and corp. BUT! It works for them and that's all that matters. If you want to get your low sec PvP on and measure your solo pilot prowess, as well as have a diverse alliance with high sec, wormhole, etc... opportunities don't hesitate to give them a look. I  personally didn't do much when I was there. I just never seemed to feel the niche of the community and be a lone wolf type. Or, maybe I'm so bitter I can't see or feel anything fun for the game.

I did agree, however, to come help get Osmosis back up and running though. Mostly in the administrative, meta, moral support kind of role. Everyone knows how cheery I can be.

And you know what? It's as give-no-fucks, can't be arsed to undock as I thought it would be for me. I have absolutely no interest in flying spaceships anymore. I sort of want to at times. I don't.

I knew what I was getting in to- mandatory ops., predetermined fits for ships (doctrine ships), PAP links, which I refer to as pap smears, by the way. I really don't give two monkey shits about any of it. I'm not working against the corp. or the alliance. I just don't have the community feeling and desire to give a rat shit like I used to a few years ago. If not for the Podside broadcast and open invite from DJ Wiggles and his GRN Show I'd probably fade off into a black hole and call it quits for good.

There are suggestions and offers from some cool people on Twitter. I really want to stay where I am but damn man, fuck being told what to do, when to do it, having to answer to the man, and kissing the ring. I'm not a kneeler for the groin pump to the face type of guy. I can't bend on my stance. I won't gobble a bologna stick.

An alt for using in open to the public fleets some say. Great idea. However, the best alt I have that doesn't train could be plexed to train two characters on the one account. But that dude is easily tied to me. I'd catch shit if any blue to me kills were had. Not that I'd seek blue kills out mind you. It's bound to happen though in NPSI open roams sooner or later. I don't need the grief.  Retrain all those core skills again on a new pilot? Fuck that. Buy a well trained pilot? I'm poor.

Back to operational fuckwit desk jockeying.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Call to Community

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Today is NOT a nonsense rage post. Today is a serious business post. One that I particularly have an interest in. A personal, real life interest in.

 I would like to tell you about a light. A fire, so to speak. A fire that has burned hot and bright for many many years. A fire that has been the work, desire, and love of a very very cool and awesome guy. The keeper of said flame is Jason Skjegstad. You all may know him as Ffrmpukin. That's pronounced "far from pukin" by the way. Or you may not know of him. But that's okay too. Just to note: I will be referring to him as pukin and/or Jason throughout this post. 

Frfrmpukin (Jason) is Chief Executive officer of the Multiplex Gaming Corporation [MPX] within Eve online. This corporation is part of the Multiplex Gaming Network  which is a community of friends that share the same passion for gaming, fun, common interests, etc... like the rest of us do. This network is pukin's light. It is his fire. He worked to build this network dedicated to, not only the members of Multiplex Gaming, but to the community surrounding gaming in general. Of particular note Multiplex Gaming brings we lovers of Eve online and Dust 514 the regular live broadcasting of Podside. Podside is a live broadcast subsequently recorded then released for later listening. You can listen live on Tuesday and Saturday at 19:00 EST which is Wednesday and Sunday at 04:00 GMT. When the show goes live there will be a link visible on the feed site that will allow you to connect and get your broadcast listening game on. However, I am not here to talk broadcasting/podcasting right now.

Frfrmpukin, Jason, recently had some health issues. These health issues have had him out of work for a month or longer now. The medical bills as well as every day life bills are stacking up. It can amount to feeling like you're drowning. I want to help my friend pukin. Helping people is what I used to do when I was a firefighter. I am no longer that. But I can help people in other ways. And that's exactly what I am going to try and do.

Great people of the gaming community. Fearless pilots of Eve online. Ruthless mercenaries of Dust 514. Everybody, whether a gamer or not. After all you are human behind that computer screen. Folks, would you help us to help Jason? This man served in the American military. He served us and his country when it called upon him to do so. He serves us now by working and providing a network that provides fun, humor, content, and all around fun and information. Even to this day Jason has not asked for anything. He did not ask for this help. His friends have taken up this cause to help a friend in a bad spot in this rough ride that we know as life. I have personally signed on as a team member in addition to donating financially. This is not a scam as so many Eve players are used to. This is painfully real. I've been acquainted with Jason for, hell, it's been years now. And this is why I personally, in real life, have signed on.

If you are able to financially donate anything, please, won't you? Any amount is not too small. Again, here is the link:

And if you are not able to financially help might I ask that you link the donation site in any way that you can to help us get the word out. Again,

Feel free to link this blog if you'd rather. It is not monetized. It never has been. I am strictly trying to help someone. Facebook, Reddit, Google Plus, forums, anywhere you can.

I'd like to thank you, any and all, who can help in any way that you can. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Let's do this.
Eric (Harrigan VonStudly)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Of Monuments and Men

I posted the following as a comment on the TMC article On Monuments - by Darius Johnson:

With all due respect to Eve players who have passed IRL, those still with us, the subbed and unsubbed:
To build a monument pertaining to players of a game who have passed in real life is silly. I can't even comprehend why CCP, or anyone, would think - "let's build a monument in a country dedicated to a few people who played this game and have passed on in real life" as even remotely a good idea.

May they RIP, but damn guys. As an American it is an utter shame that great people like VileRat had to sacrifice their lives for the pieces of shit that played politics for the sake of their own selves, rather than what was best for the country. But life sucks and we continue on.

If CCP wants to build a monument, let them. IMO - leave it name free and dedicate it to the soul(s) of Eve-online. Not a few souls. Not souls subscribed at the time of a certain date. But the souls who have, still, and will eventually play this wonderful and terrible game we know as Eve online.

- A monument that represents the souls of all who have come, gone, and will come to define Eve online for what it was, is, and will eventually become. Behind all the characters in game are souls of the living and dead. Eve is real. We salute you all...

Feel free to use that^^ without credit to anyone as a script on the monument instead of players main names at the time of a certain date.

P.S. I made a few edits between my TMC comment and this post here. Sue me.