Friday, November 3, 2017

"Our Flagship is the Friendship"...

It was recently announced that CCP was shutting down VR development and laying off nearly 100 people.  Many of whom are community team employees. Some of them have been been at CCP for years and years.

One of the best community team members ever, CCP Manifest, now no longer with us.

 In a cold, heart wrenching post CCP Leeloo wrote from the heart. A heart she had ripped out of her chest. 

CCP Logibro was another community favorite. Gone.


As we're all aware there is much-to-do about the Eve community. Fanfest, Eve Vegas, Eve Down Under, Eve Amsterdam this weekend, in fact. Meets of all sizes and places around the world. Many are large enough that multiple devs travel to them. We have the CSM, #Tweetfleet on Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, official forums, etc... Hell, Eve even has its own band - Permaband

I'd say the "community" is fairly important? significant? cared about? 
Or is it?

Yeah yeah, we all know that community team members know what they're getting in to. When it comes to financial axing decisions they lie at the bottom and are generally the first to go. But do we need all the glitz and glamour that must cost a metric fuck-ton of cash also? If community importance ranks high enough to constitute world traveling party devs then a fully stocked community team is just as important as a fully stocked bar at Fanfest.

Maybe the costs associated with world tripping employees to glitzy booze-fests don't add up to nearly 100 salaries but it sure does add stink to the pile that's laying before us. 

Every time CCP ventures away from what made them, Eve Online, it seems to bite back at them as a company and say - No! Eve is your mistress. Take care of her silly Viking. Being a niche community preserving what is here is vital. Growing it is necessary, and so are the leaders who take the heat for the upper level management who sometimes mong-morph their decisions in to a flaming nose-diving jet plane from 30,000 feet into the ground.

To all that lost their jobs at CCP:
May the winds of change carry you to more plentiful ports.
Fly courageous!

..."Get Your Feet On the Floor and Defend It"

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Personification

Harrigan VonStudly was my creation. It is a named character created for playing the once great MMORPG - Eve Online. It's also more than that.

Harrigan Von Studly was the name of our childhood dog; a pure bred AKC registered Basset hound given to us by our aunt, my mother's sister. Stench hound, as he was affectionately known. Thanks dad.

I really like the alias for online writing and think I'll keep it to cross all topics that I decide to post here. After all, the domain name is based in part from the character name. Why change things completely? I don't want the hassle. So here we are.

Stay tuned.

- Harri

P.S. Harri (Harry) for short works just fine. Use the i ;)