Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Personification

Harrigan VonStudly was my creation. It is a named character created for playing the once great MMORPG - Eve Online. It's also more than that.

Harrigan Von Studly was the name of our childhood dog; a pure bred AKC registered Basset hound given to us by our aunt, my mother's sister. Stench hound, as he was affectionately known. Thanks dad.

I really like the alias for online writing and think I'll keep it to cross all topics that I decide to post here. After all, the domain name is based in part from the character name. Why change things completely? I don't want the hassle. So here we are.

Stay tuned.

- Harri

P.S. Harri (Harry) for short works just fine. Use the i ;)

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